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Zamboanga Del Sur Travel Tips and General Information

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    Natural Tourist Attractions

    Lapuyan Falls
    The favorite haunt of the fair Subanen maidens of Sitio Baga and all its neighboring areas, usual meeting place with many a young country swain in some secluded cavern beneath the rocky forest lane.

    Some 15 km. from Brgy. Tubod is a beautiful mountain lake, on the banks of which is located the town of Lakewood, a quiet and lovely place where the air is heavy with the scent of wild champakas and the fragrance of a thousand nameless herons.

    Lake Dasay
    The second largest mountain lake in the province, located in the town of San Miguel. Its luscious mouth is parted like the smile of a country damsel yet silent fury lurks beneath its innocent-looking waters.

    Sominot Cave
    Massive pillars and columns guard the entrance to Sominot cave. Deep within, beautiful stalactites and stalagmites adorn wide spaces. The subterranean stream makes a long journey towards the coast and empties into the Tukuran River.

Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

    Malindang Mountain Resort
    A favorite tourist destination of big groups who want to commune with nature. The place is owned and managed by Rogelio Mabanag, one of the most outstanding farmers in Zamboanga del Sur.

    Dao-Dao Islands
    A big island has an area of 1.1057 hectares and is a 7-10 minute ride by motorboat from the seaport. It has artificial coral reefs and is ideal for swimming, boating and fishing.
    A smaller, still underdeveloped, island is submerged during high tide and also ideal for swimming and fishing.

    White Beach
    A stretch of white sand beach just five minutes via motorboat southeast of the seaport. Clear, deep, blue waters (even at low tide) are ideal for swimming and diving.

    Pulacan Falls
    Found in the town of Labangan, 12 kms. from Pagadian City, and covering an area of 400 square meters. It is the source of water for the Labangan irrigation system. Two kilometers from the area is the 134-hectare Home Defense Center. The falls can be reached easily by any motor vehicle. With the opening of the PADAP road, Pulacan Falls became a beautiful camping and picinic site. It now has a permanent Boy and Girl Scout site with facilities and has been the location of regional and provincial jamborees.

    Bomba Beach
    Located in barangay Bomba, about 2 kms. from Pagadian proper, available for fishing and swimming with a bomba bridge and shed as well as a coral reef. Under study for development.

    Mt. Susong Dalaga
    Found in barangay Lourdes, 32 kms. from Pagadian proper and 10 kms. from the barangay center, Susong Dalaga is a semi-perfect cone with good forest cover. It can be reached by horseback.

    Lourdes Waterfalls
    Also located at barangay Lourdes, about 32 kms. from Pagadian proper. Ideal for bathing.

    Mt. Pinokis
    This one's in barangay Lison Valley, 42 kms. from the Pagadian poblacion. Mt Pinokis is 2 kms. from Mt. Susong Dalaga as 12 kms. from barangay Lourdes. The mountain features virgin forests inhabited by monkeys and gorillas. It can also be reached by horseback and is now under study for development.

    Manga Falls
    Located in barangay Manga, just 7 kms. from the Pagadian poblacion. This is a two-layered cascading fall surrounded by huge trees which are home to white monkeys. Still under study.

Zamboanga Del Sur Travel Information
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